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The End Is Near

Hello Sparklings <3 It's snowing again, and of course, I've got my oversized sweater on with a nice pair of slippers. I always like to sit next to the fireplace with a glass of something strong and a book with something stronger on days like this. I'm fortunate that my little townhouse has a gas fireplace to sit by. What's your favorite thing to do on snowy days?

The End

That's right Sparklings, Fae Prison: Earth book one, The Chimera Bounty, is almost complete. I decided to stop torturing myself and finish it before getting back to my press project--which has been considerably harder to write for some reason (and is now considerably overdue).

I'm so happy with how the climax to the book came out, and the resolution is just the way it needed to be, too. One final chapter left and I'll be able to write "The End"... for now. Maeve and Corvin will return of course in book two, which still needs a name. I'm going to lean on South American myths and legends for this one as Maeve and Corvin head out to take care of some High Court business down south... not that down south, but Corvin will definitely be taking care of business there too ;)

Meetings, Connections, & Technology

I had a meeting with Brandie from Pink Flamingo Productions (Sarah and I just couldn't get our schedules to align!) and it was wonderful. She covered a lot of my concerns around going wide with my audio, promotion, the production process and more. I'm getting excited to sign a contract.

Lorna from Moonstone VA and I were not able to connect yesterday due to an unfortunate tragedy. I'm so sorry to hear about her loss, and hope she can take the time to mourn as needed.

I have been looking into Atticus recently for formatting my works. It's likely the tool I will go with. Normally I would find someone to help me with this, as I love paying talented individuals for good work, but unfortunately the budget has tightened up for next year and I need to be frugal.

I "attended" the Self Publishing Conference earlier in the week and was able to learn a lot. I highly recommend finding their videos on YouTube.

What I'm Reading

I just finished The Dragon of Cecil Court by Genevieve Jack and it was delectible 🌶🌶🌶🌶/5. Highly recommend. The storytelling was fun and interesting. The plot was present and well structured. Prose were good. I never found myself wanting for more explanation of a scene or a sense. The sex was just enough to keep you blushing for half of the book. This was a book 5, but stood alone fairly well. I'll be going back to check out the others in the near future.

Well my little Sparklings, that's all I have for you. Not the most eventful week, but sometimes it's better that way. Keep the fire warm for me.


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