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2023 July Recap

Omg Sparklings, I'm sorry. I am BEHIND. Lots of different things + Travel at the beginning at the month has be way off track. All right, lets get into it.

The Chimera Bounty Audiobook

Yessssir, this is happening. I'm so so so stoked to be sharing this clip of The Chimera Bounty with you. 7:51 seconds of Chapter 1, please enjoy.

This will be coming to pretty much every platform you can listen to audio books on. So exciting!

I've always wanted my books to be as accessible as possible, and audio is just another way that I can get my books into the hands/eyes/ears of people who might love it. It brings me so much joy.

I'll be going wide, that means I'll be on Chirp, Kobo, Apple Books, Google Play, Audible, and more. I will probably do direct sales through my site eventually, too ^_^

Brutal Rival ARCs

The ARC window for Brutal Rival has closed, and by the grace of Tiktok I managed to get 141 readers signed up to check out my super dark fantasy romance with a trigger list as long as a CVS receipt.

I'm super excited to share that in just 6 day, 1hr, and 9 minutes as of writing this sentence! If you missed the ARC signup, that's okay! You'll still be able to read the book early on However, it will not be the special edition ARC that my newsletter subscribers get, and you will not be able to join the giveaway. So, join my newsletter obviously! You'll get lots of nice goodies <3

Princesses of Ruin

This series is getting fucking serious y'all. Book 2, Alastair and Lily, was not supposed to be dark. It was suppose to be a fun adventure romp with a little bit of murder, buy my is dark. My poor dev editor is about to get the first eight chapters and I'm sure she's going to go pale at chapter 6.

In any case, I've decided that book 3, Notus and Alyse, Dark Artificer, is doing to be a reflection of the Dramione fanfic I love to read. I've got it all planned out and I'm SO READY to start writing it. I'm going to start it immediately after I finish Feral Guardian and I can't wait.

Speaking of Feral Guardian, how about a COVER REVEAL!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm so excited for it! I think it's beautiful <3

I want to be writing it right now but I'm not. Tomorrow. Soon. I'll be writing it again soon ^_^

What I'm Reading

What I finished in July is a bit sad because I have started and not completed many books... But here we go, from least good to best.

⭐⭐⭐ 3/5

This was fine. It was like 30 pages too short in the middle where the actual development of relationships happens.

Two doms working at the same marketing firm make a bet at who can win the most clients and whoever loses has to submit to the other dom. It was smutty and fun, but not anything to write home about for sure.

⭐⭐⭐ 3.25/5

Omegaverse stuff always gets me with "Heat" because it feels very dubcon. I feel ick reading it sometimes, like the girls can't say no, they don't want to even if they don't want to... its weird.

Anyway, this was fine. It was 30 pages too long imo, and a bit repetitive in a few places. Also, misrepresented. The dude in this book has RED SKIN AND HORNS. I'm sorry, but the man on this cover is a normal human broseph. False advertising. I mean I'm happier that I got aliens than contemporary, but whatever.

⭐⭐⭐✨ 3.5/5

An extra .5 stars added for buttstuff where he washes his hands. 👏👏👏👏👏

This was advertised to me as "Birthday Girl but better" and no, it was not. Birthday Girl had depth and a moral conundrum. This was just smut. Like, every other chapter was smut. Sure, the smut was GOOD, but the story wasn't there. I'm a story first person, honestly.

There was doctor roleplay smut which I guess made it pretty interesting. But it was age gap, ex boyfriend's dad, and like.... Birthday Girl did that better. Lots better. Okay, moving on.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5

You fucking heard right. Spider-man monster smut is five out of five stars. I would rate it higher if the system went higher.

The world building was fucking amazing. The moral dilemmas of the characters knowing that they're developing an emotional attraction to an alien is GREAT. So so so so well done. Fully fleshed out alien culture. SO good. SO SO GOOD.

I recommend this to everyone. Read it. Read it. READ IT.

Gods I love this series. I'm reading book 2 right now.

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