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Mile Hi Con & More

Hello Sparklings! I hope you're having a beautiful day.

It's snowing here in cozy Colorado and I've got a big comfy sweater on. Any oversized sweater fans among you? I personally love the aesthetic when Fall comes around. The problem is Fall doesn't stick around in Colorado long enough to enjoy the big sweaters and the spicy lattes. It does a brief little visit and then off it goes, replaced by endless snow.

But I digress...

Mile Hi Con

Here's a cute little picture of me posted up against the men's restroom slinging my Fantasy LitRPG as J.D. Astra. (Please post your best "bathroom sales pitch in the comments below)

Overall, I had a fun time, purchased fewer books than I sold, and ended with a net win.

I met an enchanting young woman named Rachel Rener and purchased her book "Inked" in the "Gilded Blood" series. I'll let you all know how it is later ;)

Connections & Meetings

Laura Horowitz and I had a great conversation about audio books a few days back, and we're discussing working together later next Spring or early Summer on Fae Prison: Earth. She has an amazing voice, and her audio quality is fantastic. I'm hopeful we can sign a contract and work together.

I had a nice chat with Lorna Baily, founder and owner of Moonstone Virtual Assistants yesterday about processizing (yes that's a word) the writing world. Repeatable things like "Once a book is finished, it will always go to a copy editor" and having tools that will show you who the copy editor is, their email, and making sure you email them on time so your book doesn't get behind schedule! I'm sure it sounds very boring, but I'm excited to meet with her again next week to discuss this further. Anything to make everything around the writing go smoother so I can do more writing is exciting to me.

I'll be meeting with one Sarah Puckett, owner of Pink Flamingo Productions, which I may be partnering with on the audio mastering and distribution of Fae Prison: Earth later next year. I'll let you know how this goes.

I'm in early conversations with Suzi Vanderham of Royal Reads regarding ARC readers, promotion, and perhaps copy editing. We'll see what comes of that.

Works In Progress

Fae Prison: Earth is coming along nicely, with chapters posting to the free site Royal Road every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I'm not getting as much alpha reader feedback there as I would like, so you should pop by and leave your thoughts!

I see myself finishing this book by the end of November, and thus begins the long process of developmental editing, line editing, copy editing, editing editing editing. By the end of it, the book will be polished to a beautiful high shine that everyone will adore.

Book 2 in the series will begin immediately after my first draft edit is completed. I've got a decent idea of where we're headed and what were doing, and I'm ready to dig in.

A new series bloomed in my head last week and I've been obsessively thinking about it. I may even start concurrently writing it with FP:E3 once FP:E 1 & 2 are through their edits. I'm just too excited not to get started. I'll reveal nothing else until the first words hit the page.

That's all, little Sparklings. I hope you have a fantastic weekend and indulge in all things naughty and nice this Halloween... I know I will be ;)


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