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Finally Home!

Hello Sparklings! I'm sorry for my extended absence. I was visiting family, and then I fell ill, but I'm finally home and better. I've decided to come into the office today (I work with a tech contracting company sometimes!) and it's freezing! They hadn't turned on the heater until well after I got here. It's a good thing I had a nice oversized sweater.

Fae Prison: Earth

Book one is with a developmental editor right now, and I'm looking for copy editors! The book's preorder is set for April 18th, and I'm so beside myself excited. There's a lot to do still, but I am confident that I'll be on track.

Audio Book!

I've signed a contract with Audiobook Empire for the first book in Fae Prison: Earth! Recording is scheduled for summer next year, so the book will likely be done and released in Q3. I'm so excited for this because I'll be working with Laura Horowitz, who has amazing range and acting skills.

I got so excited, I had to make the audio cover for it! I'll share that with you sometime next year when it's more applicable.

Project Managing Myself

It was time for me to shape up, and so I'll be working with Lorna from Moonstone VA in sort of a "Project Manager" type role. I'm using Trello and have several different boards that break down my high level goals, my tasks, and then a template for Book Creation that'll cover all the things needed to write a new book. I'm an organized person by nature, but somehow that doesn't always convert over to the creative side for me. It's been really good to work with Lorna so far, so I'm excited for the progress we'll make together.

Social Things

For those of you looking to engage with me in different ways, there's options!

Want more frequent updates? Check out my Facebook Page:

Want to chat with me about stuff? Head to my Facebook Group:

Want fun and interesting videos to watch (soon!)? Follow me on TikTok:

Newsletter signup is coming soon! I'm thinking of using WIX (how I manage this site) but Mailerlite is also a great free service that'll easily manage my signup pages.

That's all for now, Sparklings. I'm off to write this short story to inspire you to join my newsletter! <3

~ Ember ~

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