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And We're Live!

Hello Sparklings,

I've been working diligently on getting up and running, and it's finally happened! Now, I just need to finish my first series and we'll be off to the races.

Some things that I plan on bringing to the website soon:

  • An exclusive, spicy short story for everyone who signs up for my newsletter & blog updates

  • A forum where everyone can chat about all kinds of awesome romance things

  • A shop section where you can easily browse what I've got on hand

Quick Update

Fae Prison: Earth is currently posting very rough chapters to a serialized site called Royal Road. I will be asking for Beta Readers come end of November when I think (hope!) I'll be done with the first book. I'm currently wrapped up in finishing a project under my other pen name, but expect to be done with that mid-November.

That's all for now, Sparklings. Have a spicy week <3

~ Ember ~

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