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5 Days until The Chimera Bounty!

Hey Sparklings, I know I don't update often--too many things to do! But I wanted to share a quick post about my excitement for the Chimera Bounty's release and a few other tidbits.

The Chimera Bounty - Fae Prison: Earth, Book 1

I you haven't preordered your copy yet, you can right here, and I would really appreciate it <3. I'm running a giveaway on TikTok/Facebook/Instagram so anywhere you are, just find @emberholtwrites (same everywhere) and try to get yourself a free signed paperback copy!

It's been getting glowing reviews on Goodreads, go check it out and add it to your shelf.

I participated in writing down a few of my favorite smutty books for Shepherd Books, and you can find that information here. I highly recommend adding all these to your TBR <3

Fae Prison: Earth, Book 2

Title/Cover reveal and blurb information will be coming to the site very very soon! Stay tuned ^_^

That's all my little Sparklings. <3 Have a great weekend ^_^

~ Ember ~

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