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She’s a beacon of hope against a powerful queen.

He’d steal the sun to save his people.

Jasper's mission to overthrow a tyrant king in the south hinges on one thing: finding a woman of superior royal lineage to use as bait. Reina, the spirited fourth princess of Fynren, fits the bill. He knows he shouldn’t take her, that her fiery defiance is going to make his life a living hell, but something about her draws him in and won’t let go.

Reina thinks a storm dragon blasting open the back of the palace is the worst thing that could’ve happened on the eve of her rebellion’s biggest move—until, that is, she wakes on a slave boat, leagues from home, bound by enchanted copper that restricts her magic. Jasper, her infuriatingly charming captor, promises not to hurt her despite his plans to sell her to a wretched king like a prized sow.

When a shipwreck strands them on a remote island chain, Reina and Jasper must depend on one another for survival. As their defensive layers come down, Reina discovers her captor might not be as vile as she once thought. But with a kingdom to reclaim and an evil queen to overthrow, she must weigh her growing attraction against her duty. Can she trust the man she once despised, or is their romance a distraction in their fight for freedom?


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