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Zero Chance. No Choice. Hero Up!


The greatest Heroes have already fallen…Now it’s up to Claire and her ragtag crew of Zeroes to save the city.

Low-ranked contractors Claire, Elise, Norah, and Piper dream of making it to the top twenty with the Stewards of Light, but their weird RPG powers have them trapped near the bottom instead. Balancing college, part-time jobs, and family matters leaves the girls without much time to fight crime and grind out the experience they need to climb the ranks.

When a new threat emerges, the gamer girls are left standing in a city turned upside down with no hero to save them. The underclassmen are outclassed, but they're also the only ones who can stop the spread of chaos. Claire and her friends will have to unravel the mess with clever teamwork and determination, and find the top-rank heroes in themselves to save the city before it falls into darkness.


Package includes:

  • Zero.Hero book 1
  • Zero.Hero book 2


You'll have to read book 3 over on Yonder if you want it (which is an epic finale to the series that I LOVE so much)

Zero.Hero 2 book bundle

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