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The world ended years ago when the Prion ships crash landed. Now, humanity survives on the fringes of Earth's coldest climates, fighting the aliens back, hoping to survive another day.


This is a sci-fi, post apocalyptic, alien invasion story with a light romance (hint of a triangle), blood, gore, guts, cursing, self deletions, and general batshit nonsense as you expect from Ember.

It has not been professionally edited, so you will find errors.

This was my second book ever's like....just okay. 😂😂


Purchase comes with:

  • Signed copy of Sway's Demise
  • "I'm fighting aliens" door hanger to let people know to GTFO because you're reading
  • Sticker
  • Bookmark

Sway's Demise Signed Book & Swag

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