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This product includes:

  • One signed copy of The Phoenix Bloodline
  • A personal Thank You letter
  • Custom book wrapping
  • Unique bookish stickers



A promise to keep. A bond to forge. An empire to fall.


Maeve’s life has gone from average college student to exiled Fae revolutionary in the span of a year. Time flies when you’re crushing tyrannical governments and trying not to get murdered by assassins.


Making their home in a volatile prison realm, Maeve and Dante can now sow the seeds of a new rebellion—and those aren’t the only seeds Dante wants to sow. But Maeve still has a promise to keep: to save her former lover, Corvin, and thousands more Fae from the lethal disease that plagues them.


Maeve’s training will take her to the edge of the Starlite and back, transforming her into a formidable enemy of the Veran Empire and painting a lot of targets on her back. Can Maeve and her new family survive the onslaught of Brigid’s best killers as they unravel her reign of power, or will she be enslaved to the fate of all phoenixes past?

Signed Copy - The Phoenix Bloodline (Fae Prison: Earth Book 3)

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