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This product includes:

  • One signed copy of Brutal Rival
  • A personal Thank You letter
  • Custom book wrapping
  • Unique bookish stickers



He wants his bloodthirsty rival for a wife.


She only wants the queen's head on a pike.


Scarlett Bloodletter narrowly escaped her own assassination at the tender age of fourteen. Why had her mother, the queen, tried to kill her? Beats Scarlett, but she assumed it was because she was a nomaj. Without a drop of magic in Scarlett’s blood, she was useless to the throne. Reduced to all kinds of deplorable things to survive the harsh streets of the kingdom’s poverty-stricken “Underbelly,” Scarlett has grown into a feared criminal with two things on her mind: kill the queen and liberate her sisters, the only people she still has a heart for…until Zane.


Zane, the Spider Lord, is a fearsome gang leader of the Underbelly known for decapitating his victims and poisoning his rivals. There’s only one thing he more fiercely protects than his territory: his Nomaj Princess of Prayers, Scarlett. He’ll do anything to keep her off her knees and will kill anyone who looks at her twice.


After one passionate night leads Zane to discover Scarlett’s dirty secret, he’s helpless to resist her cause. After all, what’s more exciting than plotting to kill a queen?

Signed Copy - Brutal Rival (The Princesses of Ruin Book 1)

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