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This product includes:

  • One signed copy of The Starlite Heist
  • Custom postcard Maeve and Dante character art
  • A personal Thank You letter
  • Custom book wrapping
  • Unique bookish stickers



What if Earth was a prison realm for the Fae?


Stolen shipments, political intrigues, and bonded male posturing. Is Maeve getting closer to the truth, or is she just a pawn in the Fae games?

Maeve is a rare phoenix shapeshifter caught in the middle of a dangerous power play. For better or worse, her High Court patron, Brigid, thinks Maeve is the best suited to handle critical missing shipments. Despite the dangers, Maeve is more than ready to explore the realms to solve this mystery, but Corvin has other ideas.

He refuses to let her integrate with the Fae culture and is fiercely protective, quick to assert his dominance whenever Maeve is approached by other males. Bonded or not, how is she supposed to do her job if she can’t talk to anything with a d*ck, especially when their main point of contact is one?

Dantefor Blaze is a charismatic playboy, and delights in pissing Corvin off, making Maeve’s situation even harder. As Maeve gets closer to solving the mystery, she finds herself torn between her loyalty to Corvin and her growing attraction to Dante. If Maeve isn’t careful, she won’t just lose her heart in the search for truth, but her magic and her freedom, too.

Signed Book Package - The Starlite Heist (Fae Prison: Earth book 2)

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