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Friend that Sad Girl made after attempting to self delete in book 1 is now the main character of book 2. She's pretty cool, actually, and the company responsible for all the BS in the isekai alternate world needs to get deleted, too.


Fewer cliches, better writing (still not professionally edited though), more advanced love story (pretty sure there's a kiss??? I think so...been a long time), lots and lots of blood guts gore and steampunky violence, timetravel paradox nonsense, and cursing.


Package comes with:

  • Signed copy of Revolt (boo, another bad name, but my Grandma loved it! "That's a title that gets you thinking 'what's this about?'" she used to say <3)
  • Sticker from The Mill package (there's a fuckload of them)
  • Bookmarks
  • Door hanger thingy

Revolt - Verge of Desolation 2

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