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Fae Prison: Earth Series

Book 1: The Chimera Bounty

Fae Rabies is a thing, and Corvin has it. Maeve is looking for the hottest story to uncover, and Corvin has that too…as well as several other things Maeve would like to uncover.

Before meeting Corvin, Maeve’s penniless investigative journalist days were on wash, rinse, repeat: gym, latte, class, bar job, and madly slamming her keyboard in between. When the tall, handsome shifter pulls back the veil, revealing that she too is a Fae shapeshifter, everything changes.

Now Maeve is tangled up with a Naga crime lord who’s demanding Corvin finish his mission. But given his “Fraebies,” Corvin’s magic is too dangerous to use and he’s forced to leverage Maeve’s investigative skills to find his quarry: a doctor that can cure him.

Maeve’s life is on a new trajectory. The grumpy, smoldering Corvin will teach her magic as they hunt down the bounty, and she’ll get a killer story out of it—

Hopefully not too killer.

The Chimera Bounty is an urban mystery romance filled with unique magic, steam, and heart-pumping combat scenes for fans of Shannon Mayer, Eva Chase, or Caroline Peckham. It's recommended for readers +18. 


Novella (Book 1.5): Gifts for a Dryad

Enjoy this free eighty page novella full of magic, mayhem, new friends, and lots of flying sparks.

When Maeve and Corvin try to take a vacation, their plans are dashed by a magical thief and a spicy mystery!

This novella is to be read after The Chimera Bounty.


Book 2: The Starlite Heist

Stolen shipments, political intrigues, and bonded male posturing. Is Maeve getting closer to the truth, or is she just a pawn in the Fae games?

Maeve is a rare phoenix shapeshifter caught in the middle of a dangerous power play. For better or worse, her High Court patron, Brigid, thinks Maeve is the best suited to handle critical missing shipments. Despite the dangers, Maeve is more than ready to explore the realms to solve this mystery, but Corvin has other ideas.

He refuses to let her integrate with the Fae culture and is fiercely protective, quick to assert his dominance whenever Maeve is approached by other males. Bonded or not, how is she supposed to do her job if she can’t talk to anything with a d*ck, especially when their main point of contact is one?

Dantefor Blaze is a charismatic playboy, and delights in pissing Corvin off, making Maeve’s situation even harder. As Maeve gets closer to solving the mystery, she finds herself torn between her loyalty to Corvin and her growing attraction to Dante. If Maeve isn’t careful, she won’t just lose her heart in the search for truth, but her magic and her freedom, too.


Book 3: The Phoenix Bloodline

A promise to keep. A bond to forge. An empire to fall.

Maeve’s life has gone from average college student to exiled Fae revolutionary in the span of a year. Time flies when you’re crushing tyrannical governments and trying not to get murdered by assassins.

Making their home in a volatile prison realm, Maeve and Dante can now sow the seeds of a new rebellion—and those aren’t the only seeds Dante wants to sow. But Maeve still has a promise to keep: to save her former lover, Corvin, and thousands more Fae from the lethal disease that plagues them.

Maeve’s training will take her to the edge of the Starlite and back, transforming her into a formidable enemy of the Veran Empire and painting a lot of targets on her back. Can Maeve and her new family survive the onslaught of Brigid’s best killers as they unravel her reign of power, or will she be enslaved to the fate of all phoenixes past?

Maeve's journey continues in this high-stakes third installment in the Fae Prison Earth series loaded with magical combat, enriched world building, steamy romance, and vicious betrayal. Preorder your copy now!

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